Biometrics (Retail)

Biometrics have become the way in which we ensure fast and reliable way for access control, identification and authorization in our new modern fast changing world.




Use of Biometrics

On the retail end, kiosks can simplify the delivery of certain services and products. All of our kiosks are modular so we can add devices and functionalities as we please, this also gives us an option to make the same design work differently.
We can offer kiosks that can help us with customer reception (Banks, Casinos), and patient reception (Hospitals). Kiosks work well as Information centers where our customers go to find out more and even as gaming stations. Our Kiosks can also come with a touchless screen.

Simplify the process

The main goal of our kiosks is to simplify the process and to relieve workers of tedious tasks. We can help you reach your goals and streamline your processes with the help of our solutions. With the modular approach we can also offer you upgrades or downgrades depending on the situation and your needs.

Fields where kiosks can be used





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