Case study - Ribbon built an Optical Backbone for DB Systel Case study

Case study — Ribbon built an Optical Backbone for DB Systel Case study — Ribbon built an Optical Backbone for DB Systel Ribbon Communications Inc. was selected by DB Systel GmbH, the digital partner to Deutsche Bahn AG, to build and deploy a state-of-the-art, flexible optical backbone network. DB Systel implemented this network as part of Deutsche Bahn […]

Radioflow OT Cybersecurity Takes Gold

The three awards, for excellence in cybersecurity for manufacturing, manufacturing, critical infrastructure security, and ICS/SCADA Security were given to Radiflow’s CIARA platform in manufacturing, critical infrastructure security, and ICS/SCADA Security is reflective of their decade-long approach to OT security.

Radiflow Welcomes new European Partnerships

MI-line partnership with Radiflow, a leading provider of OT-focused cybersecurity solutions, has become even stronger. Don’t let your OT networks be attacked, protect your critical infrastructure now. More about the article here: Radiflow Welcomes New European Partnerships 60% Year Over Year (

New Muse™ Network Planner

ECI Telecom announced the launch of MuseTM Network Planner. It is a next-generation planning tool which simplifies the traditional network planning process, to achieve real-time, online iterative planning processes and near instantaneous network implementation. It offers packet-optical optimization across layer 0–3 and it can reduce costs by automating and optimizing network design, hence reducing the […]

MI — Iine has expanded its portfolio with Siklu and Racom

We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our portfolio of radio solutions with Siklu and Racom. As the economy changes and increasing requirement for bandwidth from enterprise, CCTC, and service providers, we decided to expand our vendor portfolio. SIKLU recognises as the leading innovator in the 60, 70 and 80 GHz millimetre wave […]

ECI ‘s Converged Interconnect Network Solution for Cable Operators

Streamlines operations, reduces costs and improved customer experience As the appetite for bandwidth continues to grow, multiple system operators (MSOs) are transitioning from centralized access architectures to distributed access architectures. The transition not only requires decentralizing and virtualizing head-end functionality but also streamlining the transport and aggregation networks. This includes transitioning from many separate solutions, […]


ECI new product — 1022, perfect for expanding capacity in the metro access Specifically tailored for 5G, the 1022 is perfect for expanding capacity in the metro access today with an eye on the demands of 5G in the near future. Network requirements such as timing and sync, higher-speed interfaces, end-to-end programmability have become more […]

GE & ECI Join Forces to Enhance Support of Modern Utility Networks

Collaboration combines the best of GE’s Grid Automation and ECI’s offerings to better serve critical infrastructure customers in energy, oil and gas, and transportation sectors. This combination of products and services will provide customers with a more robust, end-to-end solution for their networking needs while allowing both parties to extend their already substantial industry footprints. […]

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