MI — Iine has expanded its portfolio with Siklu and Racom

We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our portfolio of radio solutions with Siklu and Racom.

As the economy changes and increasing requirement for bandwidth from enterprise, CCTC, and service providers, we decided to expand our vendor portfolio. SIKLU recognises as the leading innovator in the 60, 70 and 80 GHz millimetre wave communications field. Throughput E-band (70/80 GHz) and V-band (60 GHz) radios are the market’s most cost-effective solutions for short-range wireless point-to-point links. They are based on more than 30 patents and include the first SiGe E-band chip and other unique achievements. Siklu delivers multi-gigabit wireless fibre connectivity in urban, suburban, and rural areas. Their wireless solutions are used by service providers and system integrators to provide 5G-Gigabit wireless access services. Also ideal for smart city projects requiring extra capacities such as video security, WiFi backhaul, and municipal network connectivity all over one network.

Thousands of carrier-grade systems worldwide are delivering fast interference-free performance with Siklu’s end-to-end solution. Top operators have tested Siklu radios rigorously, and they are now deployed in all climates, working smoothly even through monsoons and hurricanes.

RACOM is one of the leading global players in the SCADA & Telemetry data transfer world. It is involved in the development and production of equipment for wireless data transfer. Their three main product lines are Radio modems (RipEX, and RipEX2), GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/LTE routers (M!DGE2) and Microwave links (RAy2, and RAy3).

Their philosophy, company strengths and high levels of customer-focused support are key to their continuing success and the reason why they are a major, trendsetting player in the SCADA, Telemetry and Microwave markets. Their customer base is made up of governments, multinationals, local corporates, and utility distributors.

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